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GoLock® VENTURE PRO® via Cell

GoLock® VENTURE PRO® via Cell


VENTURE PRO® is a U.S. Patented portable cellular based cabled locking system that helps protect and monitor bikes and e-bikes, ATVs, fishing and hunting equipment and gear, RV’s, construction sites, farm equipment and more.

This revolutionary new cabled locking system secures your assets and deters theft like no security system on the market.

GoLock® VENTURE PRO® is a wireless electronic system that safeguards equipment from theft in two ways — by triggering an audible alarm at the site and by delivering an alert to your smartphone via our app based Cellular and Bluetooth technology. If tampered with, goLock VENTURE PRO will immediately alarm of 95 decibels, alerting anyone in the area of possible theft.

Security + Deterrence + Notification
= More fun outdoors, and less worrying about your gear!

The Details:

VENTURE® by goLock®
  • The case withstands dust, rain, snow, sleet, and relentless sunshine. We’re outdoor enthusiasts, so it has to be weather resistant!


  • A silicon-coated, braided steel smart cable loops through your equipment and locks into place. Cable options include your choice of two thickness diameters (1/8 inch and 3/8 inch) and cable from 3 feet lengths up to 100 feet enabling a single VENTURE device to accommodate a variety of security applications.


  • The LED light on the case acts as a deterrent and indicate that your unit is activated with the goLock proprietary Alarmed Guard™ smartphone-enabled security system.


  • The invisible built-in antenna features both Cellular, Bluetooth, Satellite connections with your smartphone for immediate notification if your equipment has been compromised. This means if someone tampers with the lock, you’ll be alerted instantly.

  • Its LOUD ALARM is impossible to ignore. The piercing 95-decibel alarm will sound if the cable is cut or the lock is tampered with notifying anyone in the immediate area of a possible theft in progress. No thief will want to stick around for long!

We designed GoLock VENTURE® AND VENTURE PRO® as a cable locking system to protect your outdoor gear. VENTURE alarms if the cable is cut at the site, and at the same time notifies you via your smartphone that your gear may have been compromised.

The Locking System

The GoLock® App

This is where VENTURE® really rocks, and what enables you to relax when you’re out of sight of your gear. Download the user-friendly goLock app (available for iOS and Android) and use it to arm and monitor your system.

This GoLock app has your back!

goLock® app

Alarmed Guard Technology:
Remote, dual wireless monitoring of your VENTURE via both Cellular, Bluetooth, Satellite connections. Now you can leave your gear and focus on your activity.


Instant Notification of Theft or Tampering:
The alarm sounds on your mobile case device when sensors detect a severed cable or movement of the case or heavy striking blows to the case.


Display Features:

Battery life and signal strength displays on the app to ensure your system is still guarding your gear. (Even if the battery dies on the system it will continue to secure your gear with the cable.)

Access Sharing:The goLock app allows you to share access to the wireless unit among friends and family so you’re not forced to make any decisions alone unless you choose to.


The app allows you to list contacts for quick call options including 911 if your asset(s) are compromised. We believe the biggest benefit of our system is the deterrent effect it has on would-be criminals. The goLock app enables you to decide how to quickly and safely to assess the situation.

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