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Our Story

Like many innovations, GoLock® is the product of necessity. My family and I are outdoor enthusiasts, so naturally we have collected all kinds of gear over the years. On a fishing trip to the Texas Coast, I thought it would be great to have an app based wireless cable security locking system for our kayaks and fishing gear to monitor their security when we were not near them.


I knew such a system could give us peace of mind and would help us protect our trailer, kayaks and fishing gear including the ice coolers. Everywhere we traveled with the equipment on that trip from restaurants to hotel rooms, we could never really get a direct view of these assets when we walked away.

“If so, you have probably done this yourself – Spent more time worrying about your gear than actually enjoying the trip”.

When we got back to Austin, I started looking for an outdoor security system that would meet my requirements. I wanted a system that would have the following safety features:

  • A hard to cut cable available in different lengths in order to guard multiple items at one time.

  • An alarm unit that would sound “At the Site” if the equipment were tampered with or in the process of being stolen.   

  • An alarm unit that would immediately alert my smartphone if my assets were being compromised and give me options to manage the situation: Including “The Ability to Contact the Police”. ​

Since I found no such security available on the market, I set out to build one. In May 2014, goLock® was born. Along with an amazing team of engineers and IoT component suppliers, we created GoLock Technology and by May 2020 we have been awarded multiple U.S. Patents. Our systems can protect all types of outdoor and indoor security needs from boating to fishing and hunting gear along with all your commercial and industrial needs. All our products communicate through wireless smart devices using iOS and soon to be Android systems.

Now you too can Guard Your Gear®,

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Steve Jones

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