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GoLock® Technology Awarded U.S. Patent for Portable Outdoor Security

The company’s VENTURE® Portable Security System Allows Users to Remotely Monitor the Security of their Outdoor Assets, Equipment and Gear

Austin, Texas, May 5th, 2020 – GoLock’s latest awarded patent – U.S. Patent No. 10,641,013 – describes the company’s uniquely designed cable and locking system that provides constant monitoring and real-time wireless communication to remote mobile devices and servers. GoLock utilizes the latest IoT components to deploy a variety of different sensors for outdoor and indoor security applications. This patented technology and product design enables GoLock to offer broader security monitoring and protection for construction and industrial sites, farm equipment assets, outdoor retailer assets, e-bikes, yachts, ATVs, RV’s, fishing and hunting equipment and gear.


GoLock’s mobile app is designed to manage the entire security system and is currently designed to work on iOS devices and with Android based systems by the end of 2020. The portable VENTURE system is battery powered and utilizes multiple internal sensors along with the company’s unique cable and locking system to deliver real-time alarm based, remote security monitoring. The entire system can also be connected wirelessly to other GoLock mobile devices for motion, shock, GPS, and camera detection. The VENTURE system operates on a highly secure connected VPN network so that every portable unit is always in communication with the user’s mobile device or one of GoLock’s regional servers - or both – to provide uninterrupted monitoring and possible warning alerts if the system is compromised. The company’s main unit communicates primarily over cellular networks with monthly service fees. However, the system also allows communication via Bluetooth, WIFI, satellite or any other similar communication methods.

GoLock’s security app, allows users to select from several different sensor devices and it allows changes in sensitivity levels of those devices in order to better dial in the right protection requirements. The system also allows multiple users to monitor the same asset(s). With each user quickly receiving alerts if the asset(s) are being tampered with or stolen. GPS devices have the ability to collect data, track location and movement of assets. Monitoring the security and protection of high value assets has never been easier.

About GoLock® Technology, Inc.


A privately held Texas Corporation based in Spicewood, Texas specializing in wireless communication outdoor security.


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